Best Mobile Make Up Artist Johannesburg

    Best Mobile Make Up Artist Johannesburg

    FancyFace Makeup Artistry is the best mobile makeup artist in Johannesburg. With a career that spans 15+ years in makeup and beauty you can be assured that you will be in good hands.  The benefit of having a background in beauty therapy is that I am able to assess a client’s skin type, including colouring, condition and sensitivity. These factors determine the type and colours of makeup to use. Learning colour principles is an intricate skill that takes into account race, ethnicity, obvious skin colour and undertones of colour. Another important factor to take into account is a client’s bone structure, to decide where and how to apply types and colours of makeup to achieve the desired results. Another benefit of having a background in beauty therapy is that you are also be able to offer add-on services, such tinting and eyebrow shaping, maybe even a facial a week before you do the makeup.

    A career as a makeup artist can be exciting and different every day. The satisfaction comes from using makeup to help people look their best or become characters far different from their usual selves or simply taking my clients best features and making them stand out.

    Opportunities as a makeup artist exist to work in entertainment, theatre, television, film, retail stores or on you own, building your own brand.  Personally I have always had a passion for makeup from an early age, as a child I would always be playing with makeup. After finishing high school I decided that this was what I wanted to pursue as a career.

    Before applying makeup you will need to properly prepare the skin, using cleaning, toning and moisturizing techniques for different skin types. Once the moisturiser has been absorbed into the skin, I choose to use a primer. This evens out the skin and minimises pores/fine lines, allowing your foundation to sit on top of the primer, giving it a smooth even finish. Each makeup artist will have their own tricks of the trade or different techniques that work for them. That’s the exciting part, there are no rules and you are able to be as creative as your client allows.  There are different applications for day, evening, bridal, editorial ECT. It is always advisable to book a trial makeup before your special occasion. During this appointment various looks will be discussed, the client’s skin will be assessed and this will give your client an opportunity to discuss any changes. The client will also have peace of mind, knowing what their makeup will look like on the day. There is nothing worse than leaving an appointment unhappy with the service you have received.

    As a makeup artist I have learnt to go beyond the basics, learning how to apply makeup for high fashion runway looks, theatrical productions, bright and low light, and indoor and outdoor events.  Learning how to apply and touch up makeup for on-camera talent, for photo shoots under varied lighting conditions, and for indoor and outdoor stage performers.

    I have learnt to use many tools, from sponges, brushes and high-tech airbrushes to a wide range of makeup types.  I possess the skill of using many types of brushes and the pros and cons of makeup types. I specialize in covering imperfections with makeup or covering tattoos with airbrushing. When working in the theatre industry you may use more than makeup to achieve a character’s look, bringing in wigs, special effects makeup, beards, false eyelashes and prosthetic body parts.

    To be a successful makeup artist, you should be creative and artistic, enjoy experimenting with ideas and materials, and have a good eye for colour. Being a Makeup artist means working long hours, mostly on their feet. The job can be stressful at times, too, with early mornings and travel for photo shoots and late evenings for theatre work Good communication skills will enable you to talk effectively with producers, writers, actors and your bosses so everyone agrees on the goal. There is no greater reward than making someone feel good about themselves and to feel that you have done a great job.

    I do believe that my pricing is very affordable, along with the fact that I do not charge travelling fees within the Gauteng or greater Johannesburg area.  With an extensive portfolio, and incredible rates I do believe this sets me apart from most other artists. For the best mobile makeup artist in Johannesburg, book me!

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